ImageDishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Ahmedabad based pharma giant, has reported satisfactory performance during the third quarter ended December 2008.



The Company’s consolidated net profit increased by 23.5 per cent to Rs 39.57 crore from Rs 32.05 crore in the corresponding period of last year. Its consolidated net sales also moved 36.5 per cent to Rs 281.96 crore from Rs 206.58 crore. With better growth in profits, it’s earning per share moved to Rs 4.92 from Rs 4.22 in the last period.

For the nine months period ended December 2009, Dishman's consolidated net sales increased by 37.2 per cent to Rs 769.85 crore from Rs 561.13 crore in the similar period of last year. Its net profit, however, declined by 14.3 per cent to Rs 70 crore from Rs 81.70 crore on account of significant rise in employees cost, exceptional items and interest burden. The company's employees cost for the nine months went up by 33.9 per cent to Rs 201.66 crore from Rs 150.63 crore and its interest burden moved up by 34 per cent to Rs 28.07 crore.

Dishman's income from CRAMS reached at Rs 566.13 crore during the first nine months from Rs 421.70 crore, a growth of 34.2 per cent and sales from marketable molecules went up to Rs 203.73 crore from Rs 130.77 crore, representing a growth of 55.8 per cent.