Divi's Laboratories has posted satisfactory performance during the first quarter ended June 2008 and its net profit increased by 43.4 per cent to Rs 96.48 crore from Rs 67.28 crore in the corresponding period of last year.

 The company's net sales increased by 16.7 per cent to Rs 266.07 crore from Rs 228.07 crore in the last period. With improvement in profitability, its earning per shaer moved up to Rs 14.92 from Rs 10.42 in the last period.Divi's has provided Rs 8.99 crore from losses on foreign exchange fluctuations and MTM during the first quarter of 2008-09. The company's sales for the full year ended March 2008 reached at s 1033.19 crore and it earned a net profit of Rs 353.56 crore with EPS of Rs 54.77.