ImageDr Agarwal Hospitals has now made a breakthrough in bio-engineering gene research which has helped to treat eye diseases that causes vision loss.

Gene therapy, which is a novel concept, helps to treat disorders by replacing the defective gene with a new one. The bioengineered DNA harvested under sterile conditions is injected into the dead or dying nerves or tissue or cell of the patient.

According to Dr Sunita Agarwal, medical director, Dr Agarwal Hospitals, this is a one-of-a-kind therapy which deals with the DNA pattern of patients with eye diseases like corneal vascularization, retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, keratoconous, corneal opacity, visual field defects, post operative striate keratopathy has been proved to be altered.

Gene Therapy involves drawing out 2ml of patient's plasma which is filtered and to which 'Mana' cells are added. This leads to formation of Mana cells and amplified DNA which is given back to the patient as an injection course. This therapy has been performed on patients with various eye ailments and has shown objective improvement in corneal vascularization and striate keratitis within few days. In fact, the Gene therapy is one of the front runners of how future treatment is headed, stated Dr Agarwal.

Surgeries will now soon become passé as Gene Therapy is going to take the world by storm, she added.

White Blood Cells which contain DNA is capable of multiplying the proteins that the body needs. The simple procedure involves the patient's plasma containing WBC be treated with Mana which leads to DNA amplification and Manacell formation within seconds. On addition of Mana to the patients' plasma huge chains of DNA are formed with varying sizes. The response is immediate and the patient is once again able to see light.

"Any new research in science is magic till it is replicated and debated. Adoption of gene therapy to all aspects of treatment surgeries could mean less trauma and recovery time for patients," informed Dr Agarwal.

Dr Agarwal Hospitals which is a dedicated Ophthalmology care centre for the last 75 years has been recognized by the International Council of Ophthalmology as one of the leading eye hospitals in the world. Among the many first from Dr Agarwal Hospitals include 'No' Anaesthesia 0.7 mm incision cataract surgery and Laser Glaucoma surgery.