Tamil Nadu’s first Drug Information and Pharmaco Vigilance Centre launched on 7th December 2007. A joint venture between the Directorate of Drugs Control and Tamil Nadu Pharmacy Council, to help patients who have questions about drugs prescribed to them.

Services Provided:

  • Three qualified pharmacologists appointed to the centre will answer queries pertaining to drugs that callers raise.
  • If the information is not available immediately, the person who attends the call will revert with details either on phone or by e-mail. 
  • The centre would help create awareness and soon emerge as a model for the rest of the country. As a pharmacovigilance unit, it could also ensure that fake drugs were not circulated in the market, and outdated and banned drugs not sold.
  • The centre would also receive information from the public, hospitals and others about the adverse effect of any drug. This data would be collated and used for future studies on the nature of the drug so that corrective measures could be taken to counteract toxicity.
  • At a later stage, it was hoped that the centre would also double up as a Haemo Vigilance Centre to ensure that safe and quality blood and blood products were used.

Health secretary V.K. Subburaj said given the current limitations of supervision and monitoring of the drug industry, that enjoys sales up to Rs.4,000 crore, the centre would be a great source of support to the Health Department and the Drugs Control Directorate.