Cleveland BioLabs, Inc., first patent for Protectan CBLB502 was granted by the Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO), which includes nine member countries. This patent covers the method of protecting a mammal from radiation using flagellin or its derivatives, including Protectan CBLB502.

Cleveland BioLabs has filed over twenty patent applications in the US and internationally, around various properties of Protectan CBLB502 and related compounds, including methods of use and composition of matter.

Protectan CBLB502 is a derivative of a microbial protein that reduces injury from acute stresses, such as radiation and chemotherapy, by mobilizing several natural cell protecting mechanisms, including inhibition of programmed cell death (apoptosis), reduction of oxidative damage and induction of regeneration promoting cytokines.

Cleveland BioLabs received a contract from the Department of Defense valued at up to $8.9 million for the advanced development of Protectan CBLB502 as a medical radiation countermeasure to treat radiation injury following exposure to radiation from nuclear or radiological weapons.