FDC Ltd has achieved impressive performance during the first quarter ended June 2008 and its net profit went up by 54.6 per cent to Rs 43.82 crore from Rs 28.35 crore in the corresponding period of last year. 

Its net sales increased by 11.9 per cent to Rs 159.29 crore from Rs 142.34 crore. With improvement in profitability, its earning per share worked out to Rs 1.81 as against Rs 1.18 in the last period. The company's EBDIT also increased by over 50 per cent to Rs 46.98 crore from Rs 31.26 crore in the similar period of last year. For the full year 2007-08, FDC's net sales reached at Rs 489.67 crore and it earned a net profit of Rs 77.96 crore with EPS of Rs 3.43.