GeoVax Labs, Inc. is developing human vaccines for diseases caused by HIV-1 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and other infectious agents, in collaboration with Vivalis a French biopharmaceutical company.

The companies have  signed of a letter of intent (LOI) for joint collaboration and commercial license on the use of Vivalis' EBx® technology, to manufacture the MVA component of the GeoVax HIV-1 vaccine. This agreement between GeoVax and Vivalis creates a worldwide strategic partnership between Vivalis and GeoVax, designed to combine Vivalis' cutting-edge vaccine manufacturing technology with GeoVax's promising HIV vaccine.
The breakthrough manufacturing technology developed by Vivalis, and now to be further developed through collaboration with GeoVax, will create a new standard for manufacture of the MVA component of the GeoVax HIV/AIDS vaccine, making present manufacturing technologies which have limited production capabilities, less competitive. Vivalis' EBx® manufacturing platform, with its increased effectiveness, superior quality and reliability, will speed time to market MVA vaccine product availability in ample quantities to meet sizeable demand and expectedly at a lesser cost.
The EB66® cell line is becoming a new standard for the production of vaccines, leading to Vivalis having signed more than 20 licenses prior to December 2007 and four licenses in 2008: two research and two commercial.
Vivalis' vaccine manufacturing technology is based on a duck embryonic stem cell substrate platform. Last month, Vivalis announced the filing of the BMF (Biologics Master File) for the EB66® cell line with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Extensive testing reveals the unique and innovative nature of Vivalis EBx® technology for the production of vaccines and proteins. Today, the EB66® cell line is the only available cell line in the market to be immortal and diploid.
The GeoVax vaccine is a DNA/MVA vaccine that uses recombinant DNA to prime the immune response and then a recombinant MVA virus to boost the immune response. MVA stands for Modified Vaccinia Ankara, a smallpox viral vaccine that was attenuated (made more safe) by replicating the vaccine virus over 500 times in chicken cells