Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (GPL), one of India’s leading research-led, integrated pharmaceutical companies, has launched its topical antifungal cream Onabet (sertaconazole nitrate 2% cream) in the Indian market.

Onabet, a benzothiophene imidazole agent has a broad spectrum of coverage against dermatophytes, yeasts including candida, other filamentous fungi and bacteria associated with cutaneous fungal infections.

Cutaneous fungal infections like tinea (commonly known as ringworm) and candidal skin infections affect millions of people across the world. In some cases, complete cure is not achieved due to increasing pathogenicity of many fungal microorganisms and decreasing sensitivity to traditional antifungal agents. Incomplete treatment of cutaneous fungal infections may further lead to relapse thereby producing significant morbidity.

The fungicidal mechanism in Onabet reduces the chances of relapse by offering better penetration and long-term residency within the skin. The substantial anti-inflammatory action further provides rapid symptomatic relief in cases of fungal infections with inflammation and pruritis. The active ingredient in Onabet, sertaconazole nitrate, has been approved by US FDA and is marketed in over 24 countries worldwide.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has been rendering its services to the medical fraternity and patients of superficial fungal infections through time tested antifungal preparations like Candid and Candid B. With the launch of Onabet, Glenmark further strengthens its antifungal management armamentarium.