GVK BIO has entered into a research agreement with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, a division of Wyeth to discover drug candidates focused on pre-defined discovery targets.

GVK Biosciences , India’s premier Contract Research Organization, delivers integrated research services to life-sciences companies globally. The Collaborative Research SBU (Strategic Business Unit) of GVK BIO which focuses on innovation led discovery activities like generating hits, advancing hit compounds/chemical series to identify drug candidates and developing backup/fast follower program will be responsible for identifying drug candidates, which will be transferred to Wyeth to advance these compounds towards clinical studies.

Under the agreement, GVK BIO will receive an initial payment and will be eligible for success-based milestone payments. GVK BIO will utilize in-house capabilities in Discovery Chemistry, Informatics, Biology and ADME to advance this program. This research agreement expands validates India’s capability to do innovative research along with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.