In an attempt to apprise the international pharma community of business opportunities offered by Chinese pharma industry, IBC Life Sciences, which has been supporting and supplying the life science industry with specialised information through its conferences and courses, would organise China 2009 Pharmaceutical R&D Summit from April 7 to 9 at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Shanghai, China.

IBC's China 2009 Pharmaceutical R&D Summit is also expected to offer an opportunity for participants to hear examples and strategies on innovative research and development (R&D), legal and regulatory improvements, as well as new initiatives from the government and industry sectors, including biologics, adaptive designs and others, to help them get ideas on how to sustain and maintain a company's position in the trying economic times.

"Whether you are already doing business in China, or if you are interested in developing your pharmaceutical R&D in China, this is the one event recognised by the leaders of the industry that will provide insights into the current scientific innovations, clinical development as well as partnering trends in China. This event would help you find out the different aspects of – who, where, when, what and how – conducting efficient and cost-effective pharmaceutical R&D in China," said the organisers.

The summit is learnt to cover new ideas and strategies on NCE discovery – new areas of partnering and investing opportunities, cancer, diabetes, STAT and phenotypic drug discovery, partnerships with animal research centres, universities and non-profits, clinical data harmonisation across countries, therapeutic clinical trials in psychiatry and pulmonary fibrosis, adaptive designs – from concept to taxonomy to trial examples and biologics from development to manufacture.