ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd, a biotechnology company, announced the issuance of two separate US patents relating to the company's monoclonal antibody therapeutics. Patents no 7,435,415 and no 7,435,554 are both entitled 'Monoclonal Antibodies and Cell Surface Antigens for the Detection and Treatment of Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC)'.


The inventions cover methods for the detection of certain specific epitopes in the SCLC patient and for treating those patients with the company's monoclonal antibodies in a targeted manner. IMUC's lead monoclonal antibody product candidate, ICT-109, which has demonstrated encouraging preliminary data in pre-clinical studies, is projected by IMUC to enter clinical trials in 2010 for SCLC and pancreatic cancer indications.

"These two patents strengthen our patent protection around our lead antibody programme and make this a very attractive asset for potential partnering with larger companies looking to fill their product portfolios," stated Manish Singh, president and chief executive officer of IMUC.

"Small cell lung cancer and pancreatic cancer are terrible diseases with very limited therapeutic options. Our antibodies have the potential to detect these cancers early and treat them in a targeted manner, opening potential new avenues for treatments."

IMUC, through its acquisition of monoclonal antibody-related technology from Molecular Discoveries LLC, has several novel monoclonal antibodies. ICT-109, the company's lead antibody, is a monoclonal antibody targeting small cell lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. This candidate is currently in pre-clinical development, and the company plans to couple it with a diagnostic kit to prescreen patients for the specific antigens that bind to ICT-109.