India’s Department of Biotechnology (DBT) at the Ministry of Science & Technology has funded the establishment of the country's first Center of Energy Biosciences (CEB)

The Center of Energy Biosciences (CEB), an investment of $6.1 million, aims to raise an additional $4 million, and has received the specific task of developing cutting-edge biofuels, bioenergy and biohydrogen technologies capable of converting lignocellulosic biomass into transportation fuels.

The center will develop bio-based renewables in order to reduce India’s rising dependence on petroleum fuels and to cut down emissions of greenhouse gases. For the purpose, the CEB will establish advanced pilot biofuel plants and create research partnerships with leading biotechnology, industry and academic organizations from India, the US and other countries. Plant biotechnology, enzyme technology, metabolic engineering, and life cycle and technology assessments are focus areas.

The center is to be established at the University of Mumbai, Institute of Chemical Technology.