India pharmaceutical market currently ranks 13th among the major global marketsIndia’s per capita healthcare expenditure is well below international recommendations and compares poorly with the other emerging economies (Brazil, Russian Federation, China, Republic of Korea, Turkey and Mexico). Despite an improvement in the country’s healthcare infrastructure over the recent past, there remains a lack of health centers and shortage of health personnel.

India has an extensive healthcare system, reaching even remote areas, yet the country´s performance on health indicators remains low. Consequently, private healthcare services have been growing. Public private partnerships have also grown, and represent a promising option which also deals with some of the welfare goals of the state. These partnerships are forged with the objective of improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery while maintaining accessibility and availability for all. Success rate of such initiatives has been variable across states thus far, yet this is a trend set to stay in the country’s healthcare system.

As per the 2008 sales figures, the Indian pharmaceutical market currently ranks 13th among the major markets, with sales of $7.7bn in 2008. Yet the promise that the country’s pharmaceutical market holds for the long term is much bigger even though its economy has been growing at a slower rate than China. The Indian Pharmaceutical Market Outlook to 2014’ provides comprehensive coverage of the Indian pharmaceutical market, incorporating the market structure, pricing and regulation and detailed analyses of the leading companies and likely healthcare reforms.