Indian Nuclear SocietyIndian Nuclear Society (INS), a professional body of nuclear scientists, engineers and technologists in India, will be holding a conference on 'Recent Advances in Molecular Imaging and Radiation Oncology' (RAMIRO 2009) at Bangalore on January 18 and 19 in association with HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG), South Asia's largest cancer care network.

RAMIRO 2009 would deliberate on various developments in molecular imaging and radiotherapy by bringing together specialists in nuclear medicine, radiation oncology and medical physics under a single platform. The RAMIRO 2009 will be inaugurated by Dr K Kasturirangan, director, National Institute of Advance Studies, on January 18. On this occasion a monograph on Positron Emission Tomography (PET CT) in oncology will be released by Dr V K Iya, Trustee, INS.

The National Faculty for this unique conference is drawn from across the country and includes Prof G K Rath, director, IRCH, AIIMS, New Delhi; Dr Vijyanand Reddy, director, Apollo Cancer centre Hyderabad; Dr Shelly Hukku from Apollo Hospital New Delhi; Prof Vidhyasagar, Saibaba Cancer Centre, Manipal; Dr Nagaraj Huligol, Nanavathi Hospital, Mumbai; Dr Shyam Srivatsa, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and Dr V Kanan, Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai.

According to Dr G Kilara, chairman, Organizing Committee, RAMIRO 2009, "While conventional imaging modalities provide useful information on the physical and anatomical status of the body, it cannot provide information on the functioning of the body organs. Owing to this it is not possible to establish correlation between the physical structure of the organ that is being observed and its actual function in the body. Against this background radioisotope-based molecular imaging technologies including Cyclotrons and PET CT are proving to be a boon and the common thread across these is the use of nuclear technology".

He said that radioisotope-based molecular imaging holds great potential to be a very major resource and RAMIRO 2009 would focus on current developments in molecular imaging and radiotherapy.