Hindustan Latex Ltd, Thiruvananthapuram has been designated to execute project of establish an integrated Vaccine Park in Chennai. The proposed Park, expected to come up at Chengalpaattu.

The Vaccine Park would comprise of Bio-Service Centre and other utility facilities with state- of -the- art laboratories. To manufacture Rabies Vaccines, both liquid and freeze-dried, and newer vaccines against diseases like Rubella, Mumps, Viral hepatitis, Herpes, Meningitis, Papilloma and Typhoid, most modern facilities will be erected in the park. There will be a Central Quality Control Laboratory for all the vaccines manufactured and imported.

To establish the Vaccine Park, hundred acres of land has been allotted. The legal transfer of the land is yet to be completed. However, the process will be completed within next 45 days and the transfer will be on a 99-year lease.

In the upcoming project, apart from manufacturing the primary vaccines except polio (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Measles and BCG), the Park will produce the new generation vaccines also, the officer said.

Dr Elangeswaran, the director of the Pasteur Institute of India at Coonoor, said that the immunization program in India is one of the largest in the world in terms of quantities of vaccines utilized and number of beneficiaries. A new establishment is therefore required for running programme effectively with adequate national vaccine security system.