Interrad Medical, Inc. a privately held medical device company, announced today that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance of its SecurAcath(TM) PICC with Subcutaneous Securement System.

Interrad Medical has developed a completely new and innovative method for catheter securement called SecurAcath. The SecurAcath System utilizes a small anchor that deploys in the subcutaneous tissue just beneath the skin to hold an indwelling catheter securely in place. There are over 12 million venous access catheters placed each year worldwide. Currently, catheters are secured on the surface of a patient’s skin using sutures or adhesive devices.

The SecurAcath System offers significant advantages over current securement methods. The SecurAcath system is designed to improve catheter securement by decreasing catheter maintenance time and related costs, reducing catheter-related infections by improving cleaning of catheter exit site and minimizing catheter motion, decreasing skin surface issues, and eliminating needle stick injuries that may occur when suturing catheters.

Joe Goldberger, Interrad’s President and CEO commented, “The first placements of the SecurAcath PICC will begin shortly followed by worldwide commercialization.”

The SecurAcath System has the potential to become the next standard of care for catheter securement. The Company is currently developing a stand-alone SecurAcath device that can be used with virtually any indwelling catheter. The stand-alone SecurAcath is being designed to work with all PICC, CVC, dialysis and drainage catheters.