The Chennai based Kinship Technologies Private Ltd has launched a new product called iDERT (Integrated Data Extraction and Reporting Tool) which will enable Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies to achieve significant and enduring improvements in the development and use of therapeutic products.

Kinship Technologies Private Ltd is the leading Bio-statistical Analysis and Clinical Data Standards Organization with product development capabilities, has focused itself strategically into Pharma industry with drug discovery as its core area of operations.

Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Organizations in the USA for their internal operational needs are using the new software product.

According to the scientists of the company, the software solution is an outcome of integrating clinical and non-clinical data from multiple sources into a single environment where it can be standardized, analyzed, visualized and reported on by clinical researchers to regulatory agencies in shorter span of time from last observation last visit. This is achieved in iDERT by extracting data from various sources that are prevalent for a study and creating a fully controlled, traceable, complete GCP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data for various modules that are integrated in the product.

The company possesses the state of the art infrastructure for its services and product development work at its Chennai facility. It has a set of Standard SOPs for Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals in area of clinical operations, data management, IT, Bio-statistics and Submissions.