Karnataka drugs control department has issued 329 show cause notices for violations in the pharmacy trade. These include 109 suspensions of trade licenses and cancellation of another 96 licenses.

The licenses were cancelled for not renewing and continuing to sell drugs. There were also instances were sales records were not maintained properly at the chemist outlets.

The department has filed six cases of prosecution. In the earlier cases, around seven were disposed of which six have been convicted. Further, the drugs control department also received 11 complaints from the public which are currently being investigated.

In the drug test laboratory, a total of 231 samples were analyzed of which 31 were declared not of standard quality and investigations are being carried out, according to a communication from the Karnataka drugs control department.

There are around 21,960 sales premises, 170 blood banks and 241 manufacturing units in the State. In November- December 2008, the enforcement officers of the Drugs Control department have carried out 2067 inspections on sales premises 31 inspection on the blood banks and 20 inspections of the manufacturing units.