Kuros Biosurgery AG, a privately held biotech company, announced the grant of US Patent No 7,413,739. This patent is a key component of a broad portfolio of applications and patents designed to protect Kuros' synthetic biomaterial technologies and its product candidates which utilise this technology.

This novel synthetic matrix platform is expected to be a key source of innovative products which will be important to Kuros' development. Kuros is developing a portfolio of biomaterial, and bioactive-biomaterial combination, products. The company's product candidates are based on one of two different matrix technology platforms; fibrin or synthetic biomaterial matrices. Several product candidates based on synthetic biomaterials are in preclinical development for various trauma, wound and spine indications.

Didier Cowling, chief executive officer at Kuros commented, "Obtaining this US patent is an important strategic step for Kuros towards ensuring broad protection for product candidates based on its synthetic biomaterial technologies. We are confident that we will receive additional patent grants that will further strengthen our IP position around what is a key technology platform for Kuros."

The patent is the first in a series of related applications, which has been allowed in the US. Corresponding applications are pending in other important markets including Europe. The patent covers biomaterials which are formed from at least two synthetic precursor components (by a broadly applicable reaction mechanism). The biomaterials can be administered as liquids, foams or gels and solidify in situ at the site of application in the body. These biomaterials can also be designed to contain other components such as bioactive molecules and inert filling materials, allowing their use in a wide range of therapeutic applications.