Living Cell Technologies (LCT) informed that  patients in the DiabeCell phase I/IIa diabetes clinical trial had porcine insulin in their blood samples providing additional scientific confirmation that implants of DiabeCell actively produce insulin and directly contribute to clinical benefit. 

DiabeCell, encapsulated porcine insulin producing cells is currently undergoing phase I//IIa clinical trials for insulin dependent Type 1 diabetes. Prof Bob Elliott, LCT Medical Director said that the early clinical response in the first two patients showed that following DiabeCell treatment they were able to control their diabetes with reduced insulin dose. By detecting porcine insulin in blood samples, we have demonstrated with certainty that the reduced insulin requirement is due to the implanted cells.

Dr Paul Tan, Chief Executive Officer said that LCT’s published research demonstrates presence of porcine insulin in a patient ten years after a similar implant which has been validated again after 11 months without use of immunosuppressive drugs in the current trial and at the lowest dose of DiabeCell. This preliminary data from the first two patients will be followed by results from the other patients in the trial. All five patients who have received transplants are participating in the follow-up program. All remain well and without complication. The first two patients have received their second implant while the other three are to be scheduled for their second implants.