Mankind Pharma will undertake marketing and distribution activities for "Accu-Chek Go," a newly launched blood glucose-monitoring device by Roche Diagnostics, in India

Roche Diagnostics, one of the leading global diagnostics companies, and Mankind Pharma, fastest growing pharmaceutical company, have signed an exclusive marketing and distribution agreement where Mankind Pharma will  undertake marketing and distribution activities for "Accu-Chek Go," a newly launched blood glucose monitoring device by Roche Diagnostics, in India. "Accu-Chek Go" is a new, fast, low blood volume system that offers advanced and accurate testing with its hygienic test strip ejection and customizable safety settings. Accu-Chek Go gives competent support to people with diabetes: the meter features an adjustable personalized blood glucose target range and its "alarm clock" function has four individually programmable alarm times.

Accu-Chek Go will be available across 500 cities in India. The purpose of this co-operation is to raise awareness for diabetes and to spread the message of self-monitoring in Indian homes. Both parties have the declared goal to enable people with diabetes leading a life as normal as possible despite their condition and to provide efficient and effective diabetes management solutions to them in metros, mini metros and rural towns in India.

The focus of the co-operation is to leverage the importance of proper diabetes management and at the same time to increase the availability of efficient tools for people with diabetes and their caregivers. With the agreement on Accu-Chek Go both partners seek to fulfill the increasing demand of information, adequate education and supply to all parties involved in diabetes management.