Astellas Pharma Inc. has exercised a pre-existing option to use MorphoSys's proprietary RapMAT technology for faster antibody optimization as part of the existing technology transfer agreements between the two companies.

Astellas will have access to MorphoSys's RapMAT technology module alongside the existing installation of the company's proprietary antibody library HuCAL GOLD at Astellas' research site in Tsukuba, Japan.

Under the extended agreement MorphoSys will receive annual user fees for the RapMAT technology and continues to receive annual user fees for access to its HuCAL platform. RapMAT, which stands for "rapid maturation", improves the options for identifying antibodies from the HuCAL libraries and reduces the time for generating promising therapeutic lead molecules.

The RapMAT technology is completely compatible with the HuCAL GOLD antibody library. MorphoSys believes that the use of RapMAT can greatly speed up antibody drug discovery, while widening the pool of drug candidates from which to choose.

MorphoSys is a publicly traded biotechnology company focused on the generation of fully human antibodies as a means to discover and develop innovative antibody-based drugs against life-threatening diseases.