The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has banned 22 firms that it says are involved in the manufacture of fake drugs from ever again selling pharmaceuticals in Nigeria, as part of a countrywide clampdown.


NAFDAC said that the blacklisted companies, which include 15 from India and seven local organizations, will be subject to “strict measures” and prevented from trading in the country.  A complete list of the drug firms involved in the most recent ban is provided on the NAFDAC's website.  The latest crackdown, which has received considerable support from local UNICEF representatives, also identified 40 pharmaceutical products on sale in the country that NAFDAC considers are unsafe or of substandard quality

In May, Nigerian authorities impounded a container of counterfeit drugs that included fake versions of Septrin (cotrimoxazole), Glucophage (metformin), Augmentin (coamoxiclav), Ampiclox (ampicillin), oxytocin injections, Aldomet (methyldopa) and Encephabol (pyritinol HCl)