Dr Lokendra Singh, a senior neurosurgeon has bagged him a national patent for first designed a device using just a syringe and a hand glove used in any surgery as an emergency measure to remove a brain tumor.

The device worked well and better than the conventionally available expensive 'channel retractors for intra-ventricular surgery' – as they are called in medical terminology. Dr Singh decided to improve upon the device.  Now he has even obtained a national patent (number 2,19,414) for his device called d "cylindrical channel retractor for intra-ventricular surgery”.

Dr Singh, deputy director, Central India Institute of Medical Sciences (CIIMS) would be presenting his invention to the medical community through a scientific paper, which has been accepted in principle for publishing in the world-renowned neurosurgery Scandinavian journal, the 'Acta Neurochrirurgica'.

Neurosurgeons use different type of retractors depending on the need. However, most of these are variants of the simple one like the Leyla Retractor developed by Gaji Yasareil from Zurich, now practising in USA and known as godfather of neurosurgery, to the one like fixed channel retractors devised by Patrick Kelly, which cost anything between from about Rs 1-2 lakh to about Rs 60 lakh.