Novartis is investing US$700 million to build a new large-scale biotechnology facility in Singapore

Norvartis has opened its US$180 million tabletting facility in Tuas having the capacity to manufacture about 3.3 billion tablets a year. It is expected to employ around 160 people.  The company also plans to build a new large-scale biotechnology facility by investing US$ 700 million. This is the firm's largest investment in manufacturing capacity to date. Singapore was chosen for Novartis' new biotech facility from 40 potential international sites. The project will be complete by 2012.  it will house a bio-reactor which is double the size of Novartis' current largest. It will employ more than 300 people when fully operational.

Singapore is emerging  market for this region in Asia and there's access to talent, support of the economic development board and the growing pharma cluster in this region The new facility will support both clinical and commercial production of potential new products, including drugs for asthma, cancer and spinal chord injuries.

 In 2006 alone, Singapore's biomedical science manufacturing output grew an unprecedented 30% over the previous year to S$23 billion.