The price regulator National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has fixed and revised the prices of 21 formulation packs including the monocomponent insulin products from multinationals Eli Lilly and sanofi aventis.

Two insulin products from sanofi and 13 from insulin products from market leader Eli Lilly came under the revision of prices by the authority under the powers conferred by sub-paragraph (1), (2) and (4) of Paragraph 8 of the Drugs Price Control Order, 1995. Prices of six products of Depo-Medrol / Solu-Medrol (Methyl Prednisolone) from Pfizer Products India Pvt. Ltd were also fixed. However, in most of the case, the MRP has been fixed at higher rates than the existing retail prices.

The price of 3ml Cartridge (Solostar of Cartridge with Syringe and Needles) of Lantus 100 IU / ml from sanofi came down from Rs 901 to Rs 889 while Lantus 100 IU / ml Optiset (3ml Vial Optiset with syringe and needles), also from the same company, was fixed at Rs 763 as MRP against previous rate of Rs 821, in the monocomponent insulin.

In the case of huminsulin products of Elli Lilly, the new prices have gone up against the old rates, as per the notification. Huminsulin Regular 100 IU/ml (3ml catridge) injection will be sold at Rs 211 against old price of Rs 205. Likewise, Huminsulin 30/70 – 100 IU/ml (3ml catridge) also became costly at Rs 211 against the existing price of Rs 203.

The NPPA has asked the companies to make the new prices effective within stipulated 15 days and approach NPPA for approval of specific prices in the case of different packing other than the specified strength in the order, the notification added.