Oracle, the world’s largest enterprise software company has launched Siebel Personalized Content Delivery, a comprehensive closed loop marketing (CLM) solution that helps life sciences organizations plan, develop and execute more effective customer communication strategies.

The Siebel Personalized Content Delivery (SPCD) offers a solution for closing the loop at multiple levels using a customer-centric approach that helps gather unique, actionable insight. The application makes it easier for sales representatives to deliver high impact presentations that are tailored to individual customer needs by leveraging multimedia visualization content provided by marketing teams.

According to Mr Rajan Krishnan, Vice President, Product Strategy, Oracle Life Sciences SPCD offers companies a complete closed loop marketing solution to improve the quality of customer interactions. The SPCD leverages Siebel Life Sciences CRM capabilities such as workflow, business rules and real-time decision technology and offers superior marketing measurement through cross-enterprise analytics.