ORG IMS recently announced the launch of Dashboards, a new and exclusive step towards delighting the entire pharma industry. Today's environment demands one to be thorough with information resources like new launches, company portfolios, product progress reports and industry performance reports. This can be a daunting task. There is a tendency to get lost among thousands of numbers, reams of spreadsheets or 60–70 slide power point decks and at the end, take an actionable decision.

ORG IMS' Dashboards aims to replace all these and provide users the identical information in an appealing format. Accordingly, users will be able to instantly get an overview of the latest happenings in the industry, performance of the individual companies, the problem areas and potential opportunities for their organisations. All this will be available with regular monthly updates by deriving information from the well-established offering – the Stockist Secondary Audit.

ORG IMS' Dashboard provides accurate and valuable information, which is easy to read, easy to comprehend and is in a visually appealing format to access information in a variety of fields like IPM top players, regional sales split, top brands & comparison against competition, new introductions performance, therapy, regional, town-class rankings, etc. Dashboards will reduce the complexities of data handling and provide quick & valuable insights on the go.