Australian pharma major Pharmaxis has been permitted to market Aridol, which is used for measuring airway hyperresponsiveness in Germany.

Aridol is used for detecting sensitive airways in people with conditions such as asthma and the test provides objective information on airway hyperresponsiveness and assists in the diagnosis and assessment of severity of asthma and how much medication should be used. It has been approved for sale  in 14 European countries under the mutual recognition procedure (MRP). The necessary national approvals that follow the MRP have now been received for Denmark, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, a company release said.
In Germany a total of 660,000 lung function tests are conducted annually, of which approximately 90% are conducted by office-based physicians and the remainder in the major hospitals. To enter the market, Pharmaxis will first negotiate with insurance companies that cover the office-based physician market before launching with a local distributor, the release added.