India’s biotech major Biocon has launched a safety device in the form of pre-filled syringes for two of its life saving products, Erypro Safe and Nufil Safe, in collaboration with US-based Safety Syringes, a manufacturer of drug delivery systems. Erypro Safe is used for the treatment of chronic kidney disease and Nufil Safe is used for cancer treatment.

Pre-filled syringes are advantageous for self-injecting patients. This allows patients a high degree of flexibility, independence and easy handling in a home setting. The pre-filled syringe device incorporates features that provide for simple and safe handling, a discrete appearance of the injector and a retractable needle that reduces the chances of injuries during injection. The device is tamper proof and ensures that the syringe is non-reusable thus ensuring safety. Biocon will also look at launching this product in other markets in coming months.