Roche is setting up a new international Roche Postdoc Fellowship programme (RPF).

The aim of the programme is to support outstanding young scientists in cooperative R&D projects between Roche and academic institutions by providing grants for up to four years.  The purpose of RPF is to strengthen international scientific exchange and nurture the development of innovative specialist knowledge, new ideas and creative talent. Roche plans to award up to 100 postdoctoral fellowships in various scientific disciplines in the first two years of the programme, and in the long term to expand it into a broad-based international platform that promotes scientific excellence.

The Roche Research Foundation (RRF), a body that primarily awards doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships in Switzerland, will cease its activities at the end of 2008 and transfer its resources to a new, autonomous foundation that will promote young talent and research excellence in Roche's home country. Postdoctoral students supported by the RPF programme will receive scientific mentoring from both Roche and its academic partners.