Sciele Pharma, Inc. has signed an exclusive agreement with Addrenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to develop and market ADX415, a novel patented, centrally acting alpha adrenergic receptor agonist, specific to Alpha-2 receptors, for the treatment of hypertension and other potential indications.

Sciele Pharma, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company specializing in sales, marketing and development of branded prescription products focused on the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular, diabetes, women's health and paediatrics. Under the terms of the agreement, Sciele will have the worldwide marketing rights for ADX415, will pay the product development costs, and will also make regulatory milestone payments and royalty payments to Addrenex on product sales. Sciele and Addrenex expect to begin the phase II clinical studies in the second half of 2008.

Addrenex Pharmaceuticals is a focused, specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes drugs to treat adrenergic dysregulation. Addrenex Pharmaceuticals is based in Durham, North Carolina, on the edge of Research Triangle Park.

Ed Schutter, president and chief operating officer of Sciele Pharma, said, This agreement further expands our relationship with Addrenex and provides the company with a product in phase II clinical development, expanding our pipeline beyond 2010. This is the first new chemical entity (NCE) that will be developed by Sciele. We are optimistic about the potential of ADX415 for the treatment of hypertension. According to a recent report from the American Health Association, hypertension has developed resistance to existing drugs and has become increasingly difficult to treat. By analyzing studies of patients with high blood pressure, an AHA panel concluded that 20% to 30% could not manage their condition with three or more medicines, even when used exactly as specified.