Seidenader builds up technical support center and professional service in India to support Indian pharmaceutical companies

Seidenader, one of the leading suppliers of automatic inspection machines for the pharmaceutical industry, is expanding its local technical services to the Asian Pacific region. Leading pharmaceutical companies like Novartis, AstraZeneca, Wyeth, etc. are transferring parts of their manufacturing to Asia, and Seidenader is up to be able to support such multinational and domestic partners locally. As a starting point for local support, Seidenader have selected India, as part of their successful market entry strategy.

Seidenader manufactures high quality equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. The company specializes in material handling and inspection of a vast variety of pharmaceutical containers filled with liquid and dry sterile products, combined with the experience and feedback of our customers has helped us to create a full line of automatic inspection machines for parenteral products

The company has sold twelve inspection machines to pilot customers in India within the past 18 months, the decision was evident: Starting in mid 2008, Seidenader together with their local partners Salesworth India, will provide local technical support through factory trained Indian technicians. The benefits are obvious:

  • shorter reaction times for trouble shooting
  • local language training for customers
  • lower costs for travel and less travel time
  • local availability of wear parts
  • FAT and SAT support by the same technical team
  • validation support and test execution

According to Nik Seidenader, Managing Director, the local presence will allow the customers to get more value out of their investments quicker, and to keep machines supported and well maintained at lower costs. Seidenader and Salesworth have laid out a detailed joint business plan for implementation, and recruiting and training of staff, which will ensure that the machines sold to India will be accompanied by local Seidenader technicians throughout assembly, FAT/SAT and installation at their final site.