Siemens Medical Solutions has installed the high-end PET-CT at Piramal Diagnostics  Mumbai to provide consistently sharper and clearly defined images across the entire field of view.

Siemens Medical Solutions is redefining the quality of molecular imaging in India. TKA Nair, the Principal Secretary to the Hon. Prime Minister of India, inaugurated the state-of-the-art HD PET-CT with Siemens patent technology. HD PET can provide distortion-free images throughout the entire field of view. Its improved uniform 2 mm resolution enables physicians to clearly visualize the smallest of lesions from the centre to the edges which is a benefit unique to Siemens' HD PET. Adding high definition to PET systems also dramatically enhances contrast. The improvement in signal to noise, which effectively doubles, reveals sharper images that allow the clinician to better differentiate between healthy and suspicious tissue.
  • •    The HD PET is monitors patients who have had surgery or therapy.
  • •    The image clarity enables physicians to identify the smallest as well as the earliest recurrences of head and neck malignancies
  • •     It can provide physicians with improved delineation of early axillary lymph node metastases in primary breast cancer and nodal and chest wall recurrences in post-treatment patients referred for restaging.
  • •    It is also very useful in lung cancer, especially in post-radiation therapy, post-surgery conditions associated with fibrosis, effusion and pneumonitis.
  • •    HD PET is based on Siemens' TruePoint technologies, a combination of technological features and workflow solutions.
Thus with the high definition with PET imaging will improve clinical outcomes for cancer diagnosis, disease staging, treatment and post-surgery/post-radiation monitoring.