ImageSinclair Pharma plc, the international specialty pharma company, announces two separate product development and commercialization deals with BMG Pharma, a privately-owned US-based company. The deals present Sinclair with significant pipeline development opportunities and new product assets.

Out-licensing early stage gynaecology technologies Under the terms of the first agreement, Sinclair has out-licensed a range of early stage gynaecology technologies (the OBGYN Products) to BMG Pharma. The transaction, which was signed in H1 2009, is valued at €3.5million to Sinclair and is recognised as revenue.

BMG will develop and register Sinclair's products targeting a range of indications that affect women from the age of adolescence through to menopause, such as vulvo-vaginal infections and pregnancy support care.

BMG will fund the development and registration of the suite of products and retain the right to distribute the products across North and South America, paying a royalty to Sinclair. In return, Sinclair will own the distribution rights for the rest of the world with a reciprocal royalty arrangement. In addition, BMG will transfer to Sinclair the marketing rights to a range of its proprietary products, which are anticipated to complete development during the next three years.

Sinclair will own the commercial rights worldwide excluding North and South America. This range includes products for the treatment of interstitial cystitis, genital warts and anal and nipple fissures. The development of these products will also be completed and funded by BMG. Sinclair will pay BMG a reciprocal royalty on sales. Sinclair in-licenses anti-infection products in second BMG deal Sinclair also announces that it has separately entered into an agreement with BMG Pharma to in-license a range of skin anti-infection products (the Skin Care Products).

Under the terms of this agreement, BMG will license to Sinclair the products and patented technology for a range of skin care products including creams, lotions, foams and cleansers. These products include silver incorporated into nanospheres.

Silver nanotechnology is designed to provide enhanced and stabilised antimicrobial activity, rapidly killing most of the organisms associated with skin infections. The global market value for anti-infective skin products is estimated to be in excess of $3.5 billion per annum. Sinclair and BMG anticipate that the first products arising from this agreement will be available on the market within one to two years.

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