In the current slowdown, a small company maybe a better place to work. While there is some merit in the fact that a large organisation is relatively insulated from the shock of a downturn, size doesn’t matter nearly as much as transparency and an engaging work atmosphere.

E Balaji, CEO and director of MaFoi Management Consultants — which provides human resource services — said, “Small and medium-sized textile, auto component, real estate and retail firms have lost skilled talent to large competitors due to the meltdown. However, sectors like insurance, pharma, healthcare, FMCG and telecom still seem to be hiring.”

He added, “Certain sectors have been affected much more than others, but small firms must remember that how your employees treat you during bad times, often depends a lot on how you treated them during the good times!”

Smaller firms are better equipped to build a sustained enabling culture, especially if the top management is experienced in handling leadership roles in the past. “It is all about communicating the vision clearly. If every last person knows what role he or she plays in the larger scheme of things, that’s enough too,” said KA Ramakrishnan, director of Avalon Consulting.