Troikaa Pharmaceuticals, a Gujarat based fast growing healthcare company, is likely to get US patent for its novel drug delivery form of Diclofenac injections-Dyanapar AQ.

"Troikaa is shortly to get US patent for its Dyanapar AQ 1 ml injections, as proceedings at the USFDA have got over, we are just awaiting certificate and confirmation from them(USFDA)," Managing Director Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ketan Patel told

Diclofenac injections are used for management of painful inflammatory conditions, and-Dyanapar AQ-is the world's first painkiller injection that can be administered on a patient's shoulder. There is reportedly a huge market for these injections which the company is expected to tap.

"Proceeding for patent in Israel for this injection is also almost over and it would be received soon," he said.

"Last month we had got the Eurasian patent for this injection, that will enable us to cover almost all CIS countries including Russia," he added.