ImageWipro HealthCare IT Ltd. is now gearing up to market its novel Hospital Information System (HIS) Lite solution. The Pay Per Use Model is targeted at small hospitals and nursing homes which find it difficult to have a huge capital expenditure in hardware and software support. These hospitals do not have in-house information technology (IT) resources to manage the application and infrastructure on an ongoing basis.

This pay per use helps by providing the service in an easy monthly rental model and also outsources the day-to-day management of the entire IT infrastructure to the service provider. In case of HIS Lite, the hospitals have to pay a monthly rental fee of Rs 2,000 per user per month and a one time installation fee.

This is for the first time that a "Pay Per Use" model has been introduced in India. The system helps doctors maintain patient data efficiently, provide better care reduce patient waiting time by managing the services and billing processes better.

The key features of the solution are that there is no upfront investment. Users can access the software on a real time basis from any remote location via the internet. There is no burden of running and maintaining the software by the customer. It cuts down the entry barriers to use, stated Prasenjit Lahiri, head business operations, Wipro HealthCare IT Ltd.

The company took a year to develop HIS Lite. It is now targeting the small hospitals and nursing homes between 25 beds to 100 beds. The objective is to reach out to these doctors through medical associations like Indian Medical Association, Association of Medical Consultants, Delhi Medical Association among others. We are also doing brand building through advertisement in healthcare journals and communicating through personal mailers and e-mailers to the doctors, he added.

Going by the promising growth prospects in the small-medium healthcare provider sectors, Wipro intends to primarily address the Indian markets to begin with after which it will tap the emerging markets.

Wipro Infotech has the complete product offering for the healthcare provider space which includes hospital information system for large corporate and government hospitals known as Wipro HIS Main. There is also software for laboratory as well as for pharmacy chains. Its latest offering is a clinical data repository which is specialty wise and can enable doctors to upload all clinical records over the internet in a secured data repository for clinical analysis as well as consultation and treatment. It has over 100 customer installations for it's HIS products.

As a future strategy, Wipro intends to provide more products via the internet. In this regard, it is segmenting the market further to target the specialists and super specialists only to offer various software to specific sectors. In addition, it is also looking at providing various services for the government healthcare segment.