Bangalore-based Yos Technologies has launched the "InfertilityCare" package that offers Personal Health Records (PHR) and Self-help tools and information that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

YosCare includes Personal Health Records (PHRs), Healthcare tools and applications for Preventive and Continuous Care. With YosCare, users can store their health records online, access this from anywhere, anytime using PC or mobile and generate various health reports. In addition, users will be able to manage their complete health calendar, have access to health information and self-help tools like health calculators, health-risk assessment tools, etc. through their personalized Health portal.

The "InfertilityCare" package will benefit the most couples who are trying to have babies. Infertility treatment can be a stressful time. They will probably feel overwhelmed by a hectic schedule of medical checkups and infertility tests and treatments. Gathering and keeping track of all of the information generated can be a challenging task.

With Yos Technologies "InfertilityCare" package, infertile couples can manage their condition from beginning to end. This package would provide a centralized place to organize and store the infertility information, doctor recommendations, treatment plan, testing records etc which would help tracking and sharing of the information with doctors. The package also includes tools for calenderizing treatment schedules, fertile days, etc, which would be extremely useful for both doctors and patients.

This Personal Health Record (PHR) is available 24/7; can be updated any time; can be shared with all doctors. This also provides an exciting value-added service, which allows in managing health activities with a Health calendar using PC and mobile SMS. Track and document all of the critical aspects of Infertility charting including your body temperature and fertile days manage your IVF treatment with a treatment calendar and SMS reminders.

Yos Technologies was founded in 2006 by a team of technologist-entrepreneurs with the aim of mitigating the issues faced by both consumers and providers in the Healthcare industry, through an innovative "merger" of IT / Communication technologies and Healthcare services.